Aaron Cook

Network Programmer.

I’m a game developer who’s extremely passionate about video game development and games in general. I've worked in the industry for quite some time and I like to share things I’ve learned and anecdotes from the industry here on this website. I work as a Network Programmer, but I have a deep rooted interest in level design.


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Books that will make you a better Game Developer

#5 Masters of Doom While not a technical book, there’s a lot to learn from Masters of Doom – a book that follows the early... Read More

Creating a Scalable Matchmaking Service

In this tutorial we will use Google App Engine, the Datastore, Memcache and Cloud Endpoints to create a scalable Matchmaking service... Read More

The Top 10 Greatest Multiplayer Maps

Multiplayer gaming is bigger than it ever was and the level designs that drive it are getting better and better. Over the years,... Read More

My Latest Blog and Article Posts.
A collection of guides, anectdotes and other articles that I have written over the years.
Mar 2, 2010

Halo: Infinite Microsoft / 343 Industries / Apr 2020 – Present: There aren’t many more iconic franchises than Halo. It was an honor being able to work on Master Chief’s latest and biggest adventure yet. As a network programmer, game launches can be a nightmare. Game breaking bugs, service outages and other issues can be a nightmare to resolve. Halo: Infinite’s launch was the smoothest game launch I have ever been part of. Without a hitch, the game set record numbers and is well on... Read More

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Mar 2, 2010

I’ve been an aspiring level designer ever since the early days of Quake 1. Learning QuakeEd and recreating my house for Quake 1 was the first of the many maps that I would create. Over the years I began to take level design more seriously, and moved onto bigger and better engines, such as Unreal and Cube/Sauerbraten. I’m constantly analyzing my work and trying to become a better level designer. I’ve worked as a graphic designer for numerous years, from which I developed many of my texturing... Read More

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Mar 1, 2010

Multiplayer gaming is bigger than it ever was and the level designs that drive it are getting better and better. Over the years, certain multiplayer games have reshaped the genre. They all have one thing in common – great level designs. In this list, I compile the most significant multiplayer maps of our time. These maps are what made their games great and they’ve all changed the way future levels were designed. Although the list wasn’t limited to the FPS genre, it is dominated by them. This... Read More

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