Level Design

I’ve been an aspiring level designer ever since the early days of Quake 1. Learning QuakeEd and recreating my house for Quake 1 was the first of the many maps that I would create. Over the years I began to take level design more seriously, and moved onto bigger and better engines, such as Unreal and Cube/Sauerbraten. I’m constantly analyzing my work and trying to become a better level designer.

I’ve worked as a graphic designer for numerous years, from which I developed many of my texturing skills. I can 3d model as well. When I create a level, I like creating my own assets and I’ve even found myself recording and editing sounds for map use. Each map I create begins on pen and paper and I use my knowledge of ancient architecture whenever possible. Everytime I create a map, I try to become a better designer, modeler and artist.

My experiences as a Game Journalist, and most importantly, as a gamer have and continue to have a major role in each level I design. I don’t just like video games, I know why I like them and I use this knowledge in my own designs.



DM-Parthenon Demo Reel

A historically inspired map, featuring the ancient Greek Parthenon. Created for Unreal Tournament 3.


About Me

I’m a game developer who’s extremely passionate about video game development and games in general. I've worked in the industry for quite some time and I like to share things I’ve learned and anecdotes from the industry here on this website. I work as a Network Programmer, but I have a deep rooted interest in level design.


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