The Creation of DM-Parthenon Demo Reel

The Greek parthenon

The pinnacle of Greek architecture – the Parthenon, was constructed over two thousand years ago in Athens, Greece. It was a temple of their guardian goddess Athena, a treasury, and the center of their society. Over the course of history, it was also a battlefield and was nearly destroyed completely numerous times. In the distant future, havoc will once again return to this proven battleground, during The Unreal Tournament.

With utmost respect to detail, I meticulously recreated this Greek masterpiece. The Parthenon’s layout was perfect for a deathmatch, which came as no surprise due to its history. The map is an exact scale reproduction of the original, and even contains recreations of the some of its sculptures. Each one of the Parthenon’s 65 pillars rests exactly where it would be, as if you stood there in person. Historical accuracy is interesting, but some inaccuracies were inevitable, in order to make the level more fun to play. I discuss these design choices, and show off the map in my latest demo reel.

The demo reel can be watched via Youtube, via YouTube. A higher quality, full HD version is also available (recommended) and of course the map is available for download and play for the PC version Unreal Tournament 3.

Check it out via…

Created using:

  • UnrealEd
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • 3ds Max 2009
  • Zbrush 3
  • Bodypaint 3d
  • Adobe Audition

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I’m a game developer who’s extremely passionate about video game development and games in general. I've worked in the industry for quite some time and I like to share things I’ve learned and anecdotes from the industry here on this website. I work as a Network Programmer, but I have a deep rooted interest in level design.


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